Friday, 31 May 2013

Today I am paper cutting. I am keen to learn this art but its proving very painful on the fingers. This is my first attempt, this is a very simple paper cut, I am in awe of some of the talented people that practice this art, there are some amazing images. 
Once again my blog has been neglected and I still cant sort out the followers button so am pretty much talking to myself, nothing new there then lol.....If anyone can see my post please let me know :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Everything Will Be OK

YES....................... Everything will be okay     thanks Karen :) for confirming that you can still see me
I know I'm not alone lol

EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY......this page may look a little familiar to someone out there and I
apologise, I'm sure it was an image on-line but lets just say its A piece of altered 'ART' the original image is
under there somewhere. I used pastels to accentuate the colours and embellished with lace and buttons
(2 of my favourite things ) and the little trail of hands sooooo cute. I'm still enjoying this journalling
lark but the pastels...........gawd what a  mess I get in when I use these great fun and very theraputic.
Happy Journalling.......

NO Excuses

No excuses from me this time you've heard it all before..........I have neglected my blog and that's it. It serves me right really its taken me a while to get used to the new interface again !!! 
I cant say I like this new layout its very bland and boring and to cap it all I've lost my followers.
I'm very sad about that, although I didn't really deserve any as I have  been soooooooooo lazy.
If any of my blog buddies do see this post will you leave me a little comment PLEASE.....Just so that
I know I'm not waffling on to myself :)
Does anyone have a similar experience with the followers gadget and if so can you correct it ? I really hope so.
I'll wait to hear from one of you before I decide to continue further. xx

Friday, 12 August 2011

Where was my Mind !!

I told you recently that my journals were a reflection of how Iam feeling on any given day, If thats the case what
do you think was going through my mind when I did this ???
These journals could so easily be a bit gloomy cause sometimes thats in my nature, but I was determined
to try and fill them with positive images and not negativity, ha..... not sure I was entirley successful here, I did the underpainting which as you can see was a bit manic....I realised this and then tried to re-invent it to something more positive.

I am sometimes tempted to pull out pages that I don't think work......but really what would be the point of that
this is how I was feeling on that day......anyway perhaps thats what it looks like OVER THE RAINBOW !!!!!
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Now this page is a lot hand (lots of messy play whoooooo) and plenty of
advice about how I would like them to conduct themselves, this process has been very theraputic
for me too because encouraging others to be more positive and be the best that they can be
also makes you think about the choices you are making.

Monday, 8 August 2011


These journals are for my 3 children, something they can look back on when I'm not here any more,
(morbid I know)
Each journal is different and each page is a reflection of how I am feeling at the time, but I mostly want them to be full of positive pictures and words. The two large journals In the picture are for my daughters and the two smaller ones at the back were my experiment in book making, not entirely successful but I'm not unhappy with them. (I cant cut straight to save my life).
When I was working on one of these journals recently my son stood in the doorway watching me. "Do you think I'm weird" I said to him.... he thought for a moment and said "Yes...but in a good way"....that will do for me I hope he'll always have that memory of
watching me make these journals and how much I enjoyed them.
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This is the first page of my daughters journal, I will constantly go back to each page adding extra bits and pieces until I am happy with it. I love this creative process everywhere I look I am seeing bits of inspiration.I love words and I am always cutting out magazines and I'm sorry sometimes books EEEK........ only very old books that are no good anymore honest !!

Can you see the Kookaburra. I thought my daughter would smile when she saw this as she was born in Australia. She has a toy Kookie that she has always taken to bed and I must say he is in pretty bad shape now, she is 27 after all !!! I think he only comes out now in times of desperation when she needs a good cuddle. I must try and get her to take a photo of him so you can see I offered to make a new body and WASH him but nooooooooooo chance she likes him just the way he is.
I Love this Angel/Fairy I haven't quite decided what she is yet, this is still a work in progress.
Another work in progress, this page is more about me I love music, I love flowers, and colour and of course my cat, can you see him there at the bottom of the page? I say these are works in progress because I don't always have the things to hand that I want to include on the page, as I find them they will be added.

Well that's my introduction to journalling and I will be back very soon with some more pictures (I charged the battery in my camera) YEHHHHHHHHHH. See you soon.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Here I am

What a lazy monkey I am, I forget to take pictures, I forget I have a blog, I remember I have a blog, then have no pictures,
urghhhhhh..... I have been busy the past few months and I have started some art journals (I will get round to posting some pictures)
I am really enjoying these although my spare room looks like an explosion in a bead factory, I have to apologise if anyone stays in case they find beads/glue/sequins/ribbons in their bed....although I could think of worse things to sleep with.........
The lovely picture above is me with some of the choir rehearsing for a concert, this is our local shopping centre, its looks we are in a tropical rainforest doesnt it. The choir is finished for the summer holidays now and I'm already having withdrawals.
I will try harder and visit your blogs and update my own,I thankyou for your patience if you do pop in to visit.
See you soon xx
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Monday, 18 April 2011

Party Time

We had a great time this weekend with a party organised by my daughter for her boyfriends birthday. It was fancy dress and everyone looked great people really made an effort I loved watching them all have such a great time these kids certainly know how to let their hair down. My daughter is very good at maintaining friendships she's a wonderful friend and manages to find time for everyone and that certainly showed on the night over 100 people turned up. I'm quite often a bit uncomfortable around so many people especially people I don't know but this was a really relaxed fun noisy evening and we had a great time.

Its hard to tell from this picture what I was but if you look closely you can just see my wings and my halo....which was black cause this Angel isn't always as good as she should be !!!!

My other half and son as the pirate and Wheres Wally.

My daughter as an Egyptian.

My other daughter and boyfriend and of course my grandson who was an Easter chick.

Happy times........................................