Friday, 25 September 2009

Just thought I'd let you all know I'm still alive and recovering well. Thankyou for the good wishes. I've been home a week now and I'm fine although I just cannot be bothered to do anything.My crafty mojo is in hibernation I think, I suppose in another week or so I'll feel more like it. I dont feel ill as such just not all there(nothing new then) he he .....
I'll enjoy reading all of your exploites and hopefuly it will give me some inspiration as I said to my other half I cant keep blogging about car boot finds!!!
Hope to back with you all soon. xxxxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

More booty goodness

My last visit to the car boot for a while was quite a good one. I'm going into hospital tomorrow and will be laid up for a little while. I was considering blogging about my experience and recovery in the hope of helping anyone else going through the same thing (hysterectomy) but I don't know maybe this isn't the place to do that.
Anyway back to the booty......
Look at this lovely little wooden doll family, I've just noticed I left behind the tiny baby.... oh no,its ok they were only separated for the photo they are back together again now... he he he
These little dolls are wooden, they look Japanese and the paint colours are very dark.they are so cute as they have nodding heads... I love them.

I've always wanted one of these egg cups (oh no I feel another collection coming on!!!!) this one has its own little woolen hat to keep your egg warm.

Who can resist wooden beads...not me that's for sure.

But just look at this... the bargain of the day, £1 yes £1 I nearly fainted. Its a hand painted cheese dish, I love it, its just my kind of thing a very good find I'm sure you'll agree.

Well that will be all for now I'm off to bite my finger nails, and as soon as I'm up to it I'll be in touch.
I'm hoping that this enforced rest will allow me to get some sewing done.I'm sure that I will still be able to visit your blogs. See you soon.

Monday, 7 September 2009

A little bit of craftiness

Don't you just love poppies... I do,I have lots in my garden sometimes they are only there for a short time depending on the weather but they are glorious, I love to watch them pop out from their cases, unfurling their creased petals and stretching up to meet the sun, hidden inside a wondrous inky blackness...... oops I'm dreaming again. I think I might do some more of these flower embroideries, they are just hand drawn and then filled in as the spirit moves me, I like doing this kind of thing I think it allows you to be more expressive, as you know I'm rubbish at following directions I like to be a free spirit.

I'm finding that I love projects that have a little bit of everything incorporated into them. This little stitchery has just that, I'm not sure what to do with it now
I might make a little wall hanging as I don't have much of the surrounding fabric,
I really like this fabric and would love to find some more to do a bigger project, it was given to me so I don't know the name of it. I'm sure someone out there will know.

Well...... this was my blanket, after realising I had nowhere near enough wool its now a cushion. Its a long time since I have done any crocheting and my squares leave a lot to be desired but I'm pleased with the overall result. I was quite shocked at the price of wool these days......
You know what this means don't you.. another cushion on the chair that no-one is allowed to sit on he he he..

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thankyou to Michela for the lovely blog award. In response here are:
5 Things Id love to do

1. Open a Craft shop/Tea Room
At this moment in my life I sit at my desk dreaming of a lovely little shop and tea room that I would love to own. I would be surrounded all day by wonderful fabrics, buttons and crafty things. I would get to chat,drink coffee and eat cake with all the wonderfully talented people that came to visit. sigh............

2. Own a beehive
I would love to own a beehive and produce my own honey, actually it wouldn't just be a beehive, I'd like a goat,a donkey,sheep, ducks !! You know what I think I'd like a farm..... I'd grow all the fruit and vegetables and make wonderful dishes to serve in the tea room.

3. This is something I wish I'd done
I wish I had been a nurse, its only as you get older and you look back on your life you wonder .. why didn't I do that. My life took a different direction and for me it wasn't to be. I don't believe in regrets but if I could go back I would have followed this dream. I can hear you all saying " you can still do it". But no its too late
I have taken a different path....

4. Id love to visit Machu Pichu
I have a poster taped to my desk at work and everyday I look at it and think one day....For anyone that knows me this is funny beacuse I dont like flying. I'm a real coward when it come to adventure and I spend more time dreaming about the things I should have done. (I think I'm having a mid life crisis) lol...

5. I'd love to spend more time enjoying life and less time worrying about it.
I'm not sure after all these years of how to do that. Maybe when my children are settled I'll suddenly shock everyone.

So thats my five. Which of these would I really like, probably number 5 because if I had got over that I could have probably achieved all the others.