Friday, 14 January 2011

The special place

When you are stressed do you have a special place in your mind where you can retreat to ? I want to share with you my special place, if I'm upset or I cant sleep or I'm stressed I start at the gate and work my way through this beautiful place. I usually don't get very far it works it magic on me almost immediately.
Of all the places I have ever been in my life I wish I could re-visit this one GULP !! oh how silly I am get a grip girl.... This was my dad's garden and this is how I remember it 45 years ago sadly it no longer exists only in my memories and this grainy photograph.When other men were growing vegetables my dad was growing flowers and it was a beautiful place I have so many strong memories of that garden.I am so thankful that I inherited my love of gardening from my dad and when my own garden is looking good I have a few moments knowing that my dad would be proud of my efforts.
The Robin always pops in when I'm gardening and we joke that its my dad telling me what I'm doing wrong.

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