Monday, 18 April 2011

Party Time

We had a great time this weekend with a party organised by my daughter for her boyfriends birthday. It was fancy dress and everyone looked great people really made an effort I loved watching them all have such a great time these kids certainly know how to let their hair down. My daughter is very good at maintaining friendships she's a wonderful friend and manages to find time for everyone and that certainly showed on the night over 100 people turned up. I'm quite often a bit uncomfortable around so many people especially people I don't know but this was a really relaxed fun noisy evening and we had a great time.

Its hard to tell from this picture what I was but if you look closely you can just see my wings and my halo....which was black cause this Angel isn't always as good as she should be !!!!

My other half and son as the pirate and Wheres Wally.

My daughter as an Egyptian.

My other daughter and boyfriend and of course my grandson who was an Easter chick.

Happy times........................................

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cookie Monster

2 posts in two days...good grief it must be Spring.......................

Who stole that cake.....come on own up..........grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. These cookie monsters were great fun to make I have to make some for a party next week and thought I had better have a trial run..... well you have to dont you !! just before I was due to take a picture one went missing they were obviously just too good to resist.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

GOOD MORNING........... I was looking back on some old posts yesterday and it wasn't 5 minutes since I was talking about my birthday and we are I am errrrr.... mmmmm well you'll just have to look back and see, so what have I got planned for my birthday today. Nothing...zilch...nada..... Its a work day and nothing changes its a bit of a non event but next year I have decided that from now on I am going to have a days holiday on my birthday and do something special. Hopefully I will be seeing my children later and of course my grandson so I will look forward to that. At choir last night they all sang happy birthday to me and I got to pick a favourite song and I really enjoyed that, which song....oh yes it was "Electricity" from Billy Elliott my favourite favourite song and it sounded wonderful...I love the choir it makes me very happy. See this stitchery.....I must have done this two years ago, how lazy I am not to do anything with it but I think I should dont you ? My work room is just not working for me at the moment I seem to have STUFF everywhere so its being decorated and sorted out and then maybe I might be able to be more creative. I need a bigger house....anyone got one spare ???