Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lazy Lazy Lazy thats me.....I am still here, I am still crafting I just keep forgetting to take any pictures at least not of my crafts...this little boy is taking a LOT of my attention he's 10 weeks old now and doing well as you can see. When the camera is out its snapping away at him....well could you resist ?
I have started to paint again...what you didnt know I painted too...oh yes
I flit from one thing to another never quite mastering anything. I promise I will get round to posting some of my pictures, although for every one thats
half good there are another 10 that are not lol.... no I'm not just saying that Its a trait I wish I could overcome if only I had more patience
I moan about it constanty but never do anything about it sometimes you have to accept thats just the way you are.