Friday, 24 July 2009

This is something else I like to make, I love beads and have recently begun making these pretty necklaces.
I also love felt, its so forgiving and easy to work with.
As you can see I'm a bit all over the place with the medium I want to work with but I love them all
so I'll just keep flitting from one to another for now.
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  1. Hi, Personally I would make your pics a bit bigger as you can't really see your lovely work. As for attracting people I would just go around as many blogs as you can find and leave comments , eventually you will sort out your faves and people will find you. Have a look at the list of blogs I like and just visit them all , there are some amazingly talented and friendly people out there. Have fun . Lisa x

  2. Hi there!
    I agree with Lisa. She's given you some very good points. Also join in on Quilters Blog. Go to my blog and there is a button to click :-)

  3. Welocme to blogging Karen!!! Thankyou so much for stopping by. I love your little felt creations - especially the scotty dog - too cute!