Monday, 17 August 2009

Car Booty....

A very good days work at the car boot yesterday.See the picture with two.. yes two robins, well just had to come home with me.
I saw a lovely old song book,I might take this into choir and see if we can sing any of the songs. We are always looking for interesting material.
Look at that little jewellery box, it plays a lovely tune when you open it up, its a bit neglected (shabby chic I think you'd call it)!!! but I love it.
I found two lots of embroidered handkerchiefs which I am hoping to use in one of my sewing projects.
The children's books (my grown up children despair!!!!) I bought these as I thought I might transfer some of the pictures and make them into stitcheries, I'll keep you posted.
Also found an unused stamp set (you can never have too many) and a lovely horse money box. Much shaking of the head from two of my children that were with me. I told them I'm leaving them at home next time...............They just don't understand.

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  1. Karen lovely treats there....I have a jewllery box just like that one, my Dad gave it to me for my 7th Birthday....

  2. Lots of great finds Karen!! I look forward to seeing what you do with the hankerchiefs, I have some vintge ones in their original packaging and am not sure yet how to repurpose them. The stamp set looks fun too.

  3. Your treasures are wonderful (what do kids know?) :D I had a jewelry box almost identical to yours. I got it when I was about 10, which would have been 1959. I love the dala horse (it's Swedish)bank and the song book. I often use copies of sheet music in my art. I'll be interested to see what you do with the handkerchiefs. Have a good week.
    PS. Thank you for your comments about my journals. I think it's necessary to write things down....favorite quotes, jokes, memories, prayers....lots of things. I have been writing some memories down for my kids to read after I'm gone. My deepest regret about my mother's death when I was 28 is that I didn't know what I'd want to ask her when I was older and now I can't. A nice journal makes you want to write. ~Joyce

  4. Oh. My. I had that same jewelry box as a youngster!!!!! I think it was the same - it sure looks the same. Wow!
    You got some really beautiful things, Karen, and kids never ever understand. Sigh. I love your idea of using the children's books for stitcheries!

  5. Wow, they are such great finds! I love the jewlley box!

  6. what gorgeous finds! love the handkerchiefs!