Sunday, 10 January 2010

Time to revist some projects

Happy New Year to You All..... I decided that the beginning of 2010 would be a good time to finish one or two (or ten) projects that I had started but discarded as I became disheartened.So here are one or two items that I have managed to complete.I was fairly pleased with the stitchery on this little wall hanging but it all went pear shaped when I did the border.In my frustration I shoved it away in a drawer and thankfully it was one of the first finsihes of 2010 YEAH.....
I have been working on this panel since last Christmas and sadly the photographs don't do it justice as its covered in beads, is a very touchy feely project and although it has a Christmas feel I have decided to leave it out as its so pretty.
AS usual it was the border that posed such a problem and prevented me from completing it but when I looked at it again recently I made some ribbon corners
and I'm quite happy with the result.

This cut out was HARD work I cut the tree out by hand with a scalpel !! don't ask me what possessed me but I'm glad I did although once I had cut it out I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it.Once again it was put away and now its this lovely little wall hanging (can you see a theme here !)
So a good positive start to the New Year and so my word for 2010 is
I may need to be reminded occasionally but I'm sure that I can rely on all my bloggy friends to keep me on the right track........


  1. Karen those are really beautiful projects. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. I love your stitchery. What pattern is it?

  3. Hi, i thought i'd say thankyou as i got a nice background for my blog after having a look at yours and following the link. I was really tempted to get the same one as you! but i stopped myself! Happy Blogging in 2010

  4. Those are darling!!!! So glad you finished them, they're so cheerful. Is that a Laurel Burch panel?

  5. What a great start to the New Year Karen. You should have joined OPAM, three things would have been on your list already. Look forward to seeing so many more?

  6. Hi Karen,
    What a great start to the new year :)
    Saw a report on the weather in the UK...I hope you guys are fine. It looks frigid. Shame we cannot exchange a few degrees huh (its going to be 43oC here today, so we could certainly spare them)

  7. Great projects - well done.

    Good luck getting all your other projects finished.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year?

    Best wishes, Nicola

  8. well done on finishing the WIP's it always gives a great sense of satisfaction doesn't it.... my main one to do is a quilt I started last february, and guess what -- I've only got the borders to do LOL

  9. Oh, aren't these pretty? Very nice work. Nice blog.

  10. Hi, Karen,
    I am glad you were able to get some of your projects finished!! Sometimes it helps to just step away and then go back to them. I love all of them and the colors in that second one are gorgeous. You are a very patient lady to cut that tree out. Wow, you did a great job on it! Thank you so much for coming by for a visit. Have a lovely week! Vicki

  11. Hello there!

    I like your POSITIVE word for 2010, I shall join you with that attitude!


  12. Well done getting those lovely things finished , what a great start to the year for you .

  13. Hi Karen,
    What a great accomplishment for the start of the New Year. I love all 3 pieces but especially the watering can piece! The middle one is so it Laurel Burch? And the cutting work on the tree almost qualifies you as a surgeon! POSITIVE is a great word!

  14. It's a great feeling when you finish a project! You've done a great job on all three, I especially like the first with the hand stitching, beautiful!! Happy 2010!

  15. Hello Karen, thank you for your comment on my blog. Your stitching is beautiful - I love the watering can of flowers. I'll be back to se you soon. Jane

  16. Hello Karen.Thanks for popping in on my blog and for conmmenting.I have a habit of starting and not finishing too!I started to knit a blanket for the bed before Xmas,and have only done a few squares.It may end up a cushion instead!Love your projects are lovely.