Monday, 18 April 2011

Party Time

We had a great time this weekend with a party organised by my daughter for her boyfriends birthday. It was fancy dress and everyone looked great people really made an effort I loved watching them all have such a great time these kids certainly know how to let their hair down. My daughter is very good at maintaining friendships she's a wonderful friend and manages to find time for everyone and that certainly showed on the night over 100 people turned up. I'm quite often a bit uncomfortable around so many people especially people I don't know but this was a really relaxed fun noisy evening and we had a great time.

Its hard to tell from this picture what I was but if you look closely you can just see my wings and my halo....which was black cause this Angel isn't always as good as she should be !!!!

My other half and son as the pirate and Wheres Wally.

My daughter as an Egyptian.

My other daughter and boyfriend and of course my grandson who was an Easter chick.

Happy times........................................


  1. How fantastic! You look great as a fallen angel! xxx

  2. Over 100 people, wow! What an awesome party it looks - so glad you had a good time Karen, you look so cute!

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Thats a lot of people though. My little home would be positively bulging at the seams if I tried to squeeze that many people in. Nice for everyone to take the time to get fancy dress.

  4. Looks like a fab party. Did you all have to 'do a turn' as they say and can I come next time? We live amongst a mad bunch and when we moved here nine years ago we were welcomed with open arms ..and a baptism of fire! We all get together several times a year-Halloween etc..dressed up and ready to 'sing or perform for our suppers. When I get used to this blogging lark I'll post some piccies. I'm still learning (and our 11 yr old is my teacher!) Thankyou for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. Until our next 'catch-up' Best wishes from one Karen to another xxxxxx.