Thursday, 14 June 2012

Everything Will Be OK

YES....................... Everything will be okay     thanks Karen :) for confirming that you can still see me
I know I'm not alone lol

EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY......this page may look a little familiar to someone out there and I
apologise, I'm sure it was an image on-line but lets just say its A piece of altered 'ART' the original image is
under there somewhere. I used pastels to accentuate the colours and embellished with lace and buttons
(2 of my favourite things ) and the little trail of hands sooooo cute. I'm still enjoying this journalling
lark but the pastels...........gawd what a  mess I get in when I use these great fun and very theraputic.
Happy Journalling.......


  1. Everything will be ok if you journal like this Karen! This is so pretty, love the pastels and the hands. Oh and the lace is a gorgeous addition my lovely x

  2. So pretty! You showed up in my google reader, I was astonished that your followers was empty. So I clicked it. *G*