Monday, 23 November 2009

As I've got 5 followers over the weekend I'll be sending a little gift to you all.
If you havent already please email me with your address to get your suprise.
By the way do you like my status cloud. All these words are things I have been talking about on facebook. I particularly like the last one, STUPID Yes thats me I went out of the office on Friday and left the door unlocked for the whole weekend, eek....


  1. I like your status cloud, gives me an idea for a quilt! Congrats on getting your followers gadget working!

  2. Oh dear i work in an ice cream parlour (yes we are open in winter good job we do fab hot chocolates!!) and i always panic that i left the freezer doors open, i've even been known to send my hubbie back to check!

  3. Hi Karen, thank you for the kind comment you've just left me. made me laugh, as last week I left the door of my office unlocked too!..well, just for 1 night! ;-)

  4. thank you for visiting my blog - I will have a good read later and add you to my following list!

    Esther x

  5. Hiya Karen,

    love the status cloud though 'doh' on the last word!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxxxx

  6. Hi Karen,
    Thankyou for visiting Amanda Makes! I'm so glad you did and I was able to pop in to see you. I've got blog envy now! How on earth do you do all that pretty loveliness?

    Amanda x

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog too!!! It's lovely to see you, and great to see your blog too!
    Some weekends I spend in Buckingham, as my partner lives there.There are a few nice tea rooms there & it is lovely to have a look around on a Saturday, when the flea market is on.
    It's great meeting up with fellow bloggers, and would be good to meet one day!
    Have a great week : )

    Sharon xx

  8. Hi Karen
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I just thought I'd say hello back and have a read of your blog too. What a pretty blog you have. I love the pictures of Cornwall. I am a fan of Doc Martin too.

  9. Hello Karen,

    thanks for your lovely comment, status cloud-tastic!


  10. Oh, I love the cloud!

    And oooops - that wasn't good! :o(

    Thanks for the CK vote of confidence....I hadn't received confirmation of my massive order so phoned them in a panic....all is well, than goodness and I secured my 15% off! lol

  11. Hi, thanks for popping across to visit me! Love the status cloud, I did one last week and alcohol was heavily featured :-S

    Looks like your lap quilt will be great. When I start thinking about what I should or shouldn't be doing with sewing and it gets me too bogged down to carry on I have my own saying of "The first rule is, there are no rules" and then I just carry on however I feel like!

    Mel xxx

  12. Thank you for your visiting my blog. What a lot of loveliness there is in yours. Really love the colourfulness of it.
    The status cloud is fantastic, dread to think what mine would be like!