Sunday, 29 November 2009

A Tutorial - How not to do things

Oohh I am the most annoying person !! Why do I print off instructions then
completely ignore them... Why can I not be patient grrrr.......
So I saw these wonderful journal covers, yes I thought I can do that.... mmmmmm
Now don't get me wrong I am fairly happy with my finished least I am Karen happy.This means I am always chuffed when I manage to finish anything and I am most definitely not a perfectionist I frequently tell myself that my work has character, yes I like that it has character....
So here's what happened...

1. ignore the pattern.. you don't have time to read that Karen
2. Measure your journal without a tape measure.. what on earth would you need a tape measure for?
3. Cut cut cut mmmm yes that looks about right.
4. Stitch stitch stitch oh not quite right what have I done, ok add a border...
5. Oh bother... its slightly too small oh blimey I've got a headache coming on.
6. Must finish tonight everything depends on it it must be finished tonight.....
7. Add bits here and there to hide all the sins, breathe a sigh of relief..
that's better its got character now.
Now the thing that I find frustrating about myself is that if I just took a little bit of time I know I could do much better...sounds like a bad school report..could do better !!!!

Lets take a look at the finished items shall we..NOOOOOO don't look too closely
remember the mantra say after me CHARACTER.....

Now I am always printing off poems,sayings, sentiments etc and I end up with bits of paper everywhere the little book on the front is to store these until I get round to putting them in the journal.
Can you see the little keeper of the secrets

I have started the first pages, dedicated to my three children of course. My two girls both in their twenties now and my baby who is 17.
This journal although only just begun has been claimed by one of my daughters so when I leave this mortal coil
(not for quite some time I hope) this journal will be full of my thoughts,feelings
hopes and dreams to pass on to them. Looks like I'd better get on and make another two !!!!!


  1. Were we seperated at birth? LOL! I do this too! It turned out quite lovely, and what a fabulous idea - good job!

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself...... it looks really, really lovely. :O). Thanks for the comment on my blog, much appreciated.

  3. Hey you work just like me but you are much much better! I love it!

  4. I think it looks great

    Love and hugs GIna xxx

  5. ThAT'S LOVELY!!! I find my results improve, if I make more. At least you're having a go.
    I have covered a diary & a notebook recently, have enjoyed it!!

    Well done !


  6. Instructions, what are they? He he I am the same, terrible at following instructions, they just take too darn long!! Very nice job!!

  7. Who needs instructions anyway?? LOL Looks great to me Karen.

  8. Hey hun,

    It looks fantastic, especially as you went all Edward Scissorhands when cutting it I love the secret keeper, did you make her too?

    Hugs and thanks for stopping by my blog

  9. And the thing that makes it even better is it is now totally original!
    enjoy filling it.

  10. To make a journal of memories is such a good idea and a lovely keepsake for your kids. I am a perfectionist and have great, great difficulty in following instructions. x

  11. Hi Karen, belated thanks for the sweet gifts you sent me for becoming your follower. So sorry I have not replied directly but I have been super busy and I lost your e-mail address! I will feature it on my blog, and do a link, on my next post if that is OK? Best wishes. x

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  13. Oh Karen....I can relate to everything you have listed way back when I was 17. I used to buy dress patterns then; throw the instructions away and go for it myself...took me years to realise that life would be a whole lot easier if I followed instructions work would be a whole lot better too.
    Here are some tips to break the "bad habits"..
    Have a quick read/scan of the pattern to see if any particular instruction jumps out at you to remember e.g.cut the borders from the fabric before you cut the strips.
    1. Use a quilters rotary cutter, ruler and grid mat to cut all fabrics. You will get a perfect straight line all the time and every piece will be the correct size.
    2. As you cut your fabrics, write the size on a scrap piece of paper and pin it to the fabric. This will make it a lot easier and quicker when you are putting the pieces together as per the instructions.
    3.Use a bright highlighter (Stabilo Boss here in Australia) and hightlight the first step in the instructions. Do not worry about what the next step is saying; concentrate on it when you have completed the first hightlighted step. Continue to use the highlighter right through the pattern and keep your eyes on the current instruction until it is completed.
    4. When you pin your fabrics together for sewing; always line up the the sides first and pin to hold...then pin along the edge you are going to sew. This prevents the top fabric from pulling away from the side and distorting the sewing of the seam.
    These tips are not hard my dear....just slow down a little and make a few adjustments to how you are working and you will overcome some common difficulties with sewing. You can only get better with practice so keep are doing okey!!
    Kind Regards
    p.s. I have a tutorial on my blog which shows you step by step how to put a double border on a placemat. You will have to go back through my old posts to find it as I haven't seperated it yet...but if you can't locate it let me know. Take a look at it as it will show you how easy it is to put a border on and mitre the corners, a picture is better than a thousand words in an instruction.

  14. Update....Karen; I have found the posts on my Tutorials and put them on my side bar at the left of my front page. See; we all need a little "push" to do things!
    Kind Regards