Monday, 29 March 2010

What am I doing at the moment.....well a bit of allsorts really. I'm working on this sampler which is very personal to me. Its all about my parents who sadly are no longer with me,I realise that this sort of work really appeals to my non conformist attitude (ie: I don't have to follow instructions). Let me tell you a little bit about whats on there,the photograph at the bottom is of my dads garden, when I was growing up Its the most vivid memory I have of my childhood.
My dad was a brilliant gardener and he loved flowers,most of the garden was given over to the growing of flowers even the greenhouses were full of beautiful smelling geraniums,even now the smell of geraniums warming on the windowsill transports me back to my childhood.
I was very excited at the car boot yesterday to find these cards,especially the geranium card
which of course has to have a place on the sampler somewhere.
Apparently these are cigarette cards !! If you click on the picture you should be able to read the
blurb. What else can I tell you..... the air mail envelope was a letter that my husband and I sent to my parents when we spent some time in Australia ,the crochet was something my mother was brilliant at and I wish that I had taken the time to learn from her whilst she was here.
There are two earrings one at the top and one at the bottom, one belonged to my mum and the other to my grandmother,there was only one of each so it seemed right to put them on here.
The stamps are for my dad, he collected stamps,coins, cigarette cards ( he would have loved those flower ones). And of course I cant forget the Robin the symbol that reminds me of my parents everyday. So there we have it a work in progress,very personal to me,I must admit I did wonder if any one else would "get it" but even if they don't I'm really enjoying making this.
I'll show you again when its finally finished I'm trying to decide how best to display this...any ideas.

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  1. Oh my - this is SO special - what a work of art and heart! I think I would get a shadowbox with glass to display it. This is really stunning, sweetie!

  2. What a lovely idea. A great way of displaying treasured objects and remembering loved ones.
    twiggy x

  3. That is such a wonderful way of displaying all those treasured items.I agree with Allie that you should display it like that.
    My father was a very keen gardener too,and I always feel close to him when I'm out working in my garden.The first thing he would say when I arrived at his house would be...'come and see what I've been doing in the garden'.
    I have 'memory box' of items from my past,which I love to go through every now and then.Looking forward to seeing the finished work!

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. That is very very special and a great testament to both your creativity and artistic flair - but aloso to the people who helped it blossom within you. We keep people alive in this way - they would be very proud x

  5. So pretty and such a lovely idea!

  6. That is a very special way of remembering and displaying keepsakes. Thank you for the comment re the orchid photos on my blog.

  7. What a beautiful and meaningful project! I love your use of mixed media - it is going to be stunning.

  8. What a lovely memorial to your parents.The flower cards are beautiful and will fit in with your collage really well.

  9. Hi - hope you and your family had a good Easter. I love this sampler - would love to do something similar, such a good idea - look forward to
    seeing the finished work - xxx

  10. Hi Karen,

    That is a beautiful and special project. I'm sure its bringing back heaps of wonderful memories and will continue to do so long after its finished :)

    Hugs, Sharon