Monday, 20 September 2010

Well finally I have got round to posting....sorry for my absence I have no excuses.
Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my daughter, I had quite a few sleepless nights worrying about it I have never been to a baby shower so had no idea what people expected.I organised a couple of games and an activity that involved craft (of course) we bought some plain babybrows and some fabric paint and asked people to decorate them, I also did some pages for Natasha's scrapbook and asked friends to fill them in with words of wisdom for the mother to be... it all seemed to go well
and everyone enjoyed the activities. I also did a bit of baking and made some lovely cupcakes which everyone was very complimentary about. All in all a great day I started off taking photographs and then things became so busy the camera got forgotten but here are a few pictures I did take.


  1. Looks like your organised a lovely day. Love the craft idea for sure xx

  2. What a lovely idea.....fab cakes too! xxx

  3. Fab!! I love the babygro decorating idea!

  4. Such pretty cakes - almost too good to eat (note I did write "almost")!
    Gorgeous x

  5. Looks great, Hope all is well
    Hugs, Sharon