Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I have been ver lazy with my blog lately...I just feel sometimes I havent got anything interesting to say....but today I have....
Welcome to our grandson Christian born on Sunday 12th December weighing 7lb 11oz.
We couldnt be happier although I am farrrrr to young to be a nanny lol...
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  1. Congratulations to you all, he is soooooooo beautiful!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. congrats nanny :-), lovely name too

  3. oh, he is so gorgeous..
    so precious...
    I was 38 when our first GS was born...way too young!

  4. He is GORGEOUS!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  5. Happy New Year Karen. What a great photo of your lovely new grandson. I too have felt that I haven't got anything to say, and went into serious hibernation, but with the new year I am shaking off my lethargy and negative attitudes, and hope to be posting and visiting a little bit more.

  6. You must be tickled pink, or should I say tickled blue. Bet he's growing fast. Congratulations! x