Friday, 5 August 2011

Here I am

What a lazy monkey I am, I forget to take pictures, I forget I have a blog, I remember I have a blog, then have no pictures,
urghhhhhh..... I have been busy the past few months and I have started some art journals (I will get round to posting some pictures)
I am really enjoying these although my spare room looks like an explosion in a bead factory, I have to apologise if anyone stays in case they find beads/glue/sequins/ribbons in their bed....although I could think of worse things to sleep with.........
The lovely picture above is me with some of the choir rehearsing for a concert, this is our local shopping centre, its looks we are in a tropical rainforest doesnt it. The choir is finished for the summer holidays now and I'm already having withdrawals.
I will try harder and visit your blogs and update my own,I thankyou for your patience if you do pop in to visit.
See you soon xx
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  1. What a gorgeous setting, Karen, I know all about not having pics, lol - I still have to make a conscious effort to take them, and usually forget!