Monday, 8 August 2011


These journals are for my 3 children, something they can look back on when I'm not here any more,
(morbid I know)
Each journal is different and each page is a reflection of how I am feeling at the time, but I mostly want them to be full of positive pictures and words. The two large journals In the picture are for my daughters and the two smaller ones at the back were my experiment in book making, not entirely successful but I'm not unhappy with them. (I cant cut straight to save my life).
When I was working on one of these journals recently my son stood in the doorway watching me. "Do you think I'm weird" I said to him.... he thought for a moment and said "Yes...but in a good way"....that will do for me I hope he'll always have that memory of
watching me make these journals and how much I enjoyed them.
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This is the first page of my daughters journal, I will constantly go back to each page adding extra bits and pieces until I am happy with it. I love this creative process everywhere I look I am seeing bits of inspiration.I love words and I am always cutting out magazines and I'm sorry sometimes books EEEK........ only very old books that are no good anymore honest !!

Can you see the Kookaburra. I thought my daughter would smile when she saw this as she was born in Australia. She has a toy Kookie that she has always taken to bed and I must say he is in pretty bad shape now, she is 27 after all !!! I think he only comes out now in times of desperation when she needs a good cuddle. I must try and get her to take a photo of him so you can see I offered to make a new body and WASH him but nooooooooooo chance she likes him just the way he is.
I Love this Angel/Fairy I haven't quite decided what she is yet, this is still a work in progress.
Another work in progress, this page is more about me I love music, I love flowers, and colour and of course my cat, can you see him there at the bottom of the page? I say these are works in progress because I don't always have the things to hand that I want to include on the page, as I find them they will be added.

Well that's my introduction to journalling and I will be back very soon with some more pictures (I charged the battery in my camera) YEHHHHHHHHHH. See you soon.


  1. What a lovely idea. The pages are fab and I am sure your children will treasure them. Thanks for visiting my blog. Anesha :)

  2. Hello to you too! Glad to see you're back. What lovely journals - might have to do something like that for my girls.

  3. Hi Karen from another Karen!!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog my lovely :-D Your journals look really beautiful...I haven't done my covers yet but will when my books are full. When I journal I am very aware that these precious books will be hers one day too, a hpoefully amazing look into my life that she doesn't normally see. I do love your pages, they look so tactile and I adore what you have done for a fairy, is that ric-rac I spy? Have enjoyed looking at some of your previous posts and I can understand why you would love to visit your dads garden again...its beautiful, Take care x

  4. Karen;
    These are gorgeous pages. You are off to a great start! I can't wait to see more.
    Hugs and blessings

  5. My goodness - those journals are just gorgeous - and what a wonderful idea. You really have a gift for this, Karen!

  6. It's a lovely idea. There's lots I wish I'd asked my Mum, before she had to go and die. I know we talked about lots of stuff over the years, but you tend to forget if you don't write it down don't you. Anyway your journals are taking shape nicely, and will be treasured memories for your kids. x