Friday, 12 August 2011

Where was my Mind !!

I told you recently that my journals were a reflection of how Iam feeling on any given day, If thats the case what
do you think was going through my mind when I did this ???
These journals could so easily be a bit gloomy cause sometimes thats in my nature, but I was determined
to try and fill them with positive images and not negativity, ha..... not sure I was entirley successful here, I did the underpainting which as you can see was a bit manic....I realised this and then tried to re-invent it to something more positive.

I am sometimes tempted to pull out pages that I don't think work......but really what would be the point of that
this is how I was feeling on that day......anyway perhaps thats what it looks like OVER THE RAINBOW !!!!!
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Now this page is a lot hand (lots of messy play whoooooo) and plenty of
advice about how I would like them to conduct themselves, this process has been very theraputic
for me too because encouraging others to be more positive and be the best that they can be
also makes you think about the choices you are making.


  1. It looks like you wanted to put a smurf in a blender. I love it!

  2. ooo love your rainbow page....looks like you had a fabulous time doing it & the beads are gorgeous my lovely!

    Now...I haven't succombed to painting my hand yet but you have inspired me! What a brilliant way to explain how you want to make your mark XXX

  3. Frankly, I love it! Says a lot ...

    Would you be so kind to leave a comment on my BLOG ONLY, for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  4. Hi Karen
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    great pages and words on the hand page. I think it is good to keep all your pages too so you have something to look back on to see how far you have come and where you have been.

  5. Not sure about the rainbow (!) but love your hand picture!